In keeping with our ethos of commitment to the all-round development of every child, we provide an extension of learning experiences beyond the school day. To do this a wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered to the Key Stage 2 children. The choice of clubs is based on “pupil voice” with the children being surveyed on a variety of options and the activities are arranged accordingly.

Through the comprehensive programme of clubs, the children have opportunities to develop their talents and skills in less formal settings than their normal lessons, can socialise with their peers from different classes and get know interact with adults other than those who work with them on a day-to day basis in the classroom.

Between fourteen and eighteen clubs are available in any given year, catering for a wide variety of pupils’ interests. These range from curriculum – based clubs such as Literacy, Numeracy and ICT, to more creative activities like Art and Drama, while a variety of fitness and games’ activities promote healthy lifestyles and encourages participation in a wide variety of sports. These are provided by a combination of the expertise of our own staff members and external coaches from local sporting organisations, who are brought into the school at various occasions.

Our school participates in, and enjoys success in netball, hurling, camogie, Gaelic football and soccer competitions. Also our Year 1 - 3 children participate in the Go Games tournament, which is organised by the Ulster Council/DENI funded coaches.

Children in all year groups take part in a wide variety of competitions every year, in areas such as Writing, Art and Health Education. Many topics are enhanced by learning outside the classroom and educational visits, while a highlight of school life is the Year 7 trip which is held in the week before Easter each year.